14 January 2020, 00:24



Zelensky's decentralization is disguised reinforcement of presidential power - Deiengo

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LUGANSK, January 13 (Lugansk Media Centre) – Kiev keeps avoiding the true decentralization of Ukraine and substitutes the concept by a surrogate that destroys Ukrainian local self-governance entirely, said LPR Foreign Minister representing the Republic at Minsk talks Vladislav Deinego.

"Ukraine has not presented any projects (on amendments to the Constitution) to Donbass for consideration at the Minsk talks, though it is a key point of the Minsk Agreements. The Minsk Agreements stipulate the particular constitutional reform with the key element of granting special status to Donbass, they do not stipulate some abstract decentralization."

He said that the draft law tabled by Ukrainian president Vladimir Zelensky lacks all the points provided for in the Minsk Agreements and goes further to eliminate the concept of regions from the legislation.

"The project presented to Rada does not meet any of the demands of the Minsk Agreements and cannot be accepted on our side as Ukraine's commitment to its obligations."

According to Deinego, the draft law proposed by Zelensky de-facto strengthens presidential power instead of decentralizing the country.

"This is a pseudo-decentralization. Curiously, the representatives of Ukrainian local self-governance bodies, such as the Association of Ukrainian Cities, oppose the destruction of regional autonomy. Zelensky's "decentralization" does not meet either public interests or Ukraine's obligations under the Minsk Agreements."

LuganskMediaCentre — 14 January — Lugansk