26 November 2019, 17:31



War Through Donbass Children’s Eyes photo album presented at Lugansk Media Centre

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LUGANSK, November 26 (Lugansk Media Centre) – A photo album “War Through Donbass Children’s Eyes” was presented at the Lugansk Media Centre on Tuesday.

The album was unveiled by Lugansk People’s Republic People’s Militia spokesman Yakov Osadchiy, chairwoman of the Special Commission on recording the Ukrainian leadership’s crimes and the “Memorial” social organisation Anna Soroka and LPR children’s ombudswoman Yulia Nazarenko.

The project was sponsored by the LPR militia, the Republic’s Foreign Ministry and “Memorial.”

“The key objective is to demand the international community’s contribution to a peaceful settlement of the Donbass conflict and make Ukraine comply with the Minsk Agreements. This is brought home by showing the horrors the Donbass children experienced as a result of the Ukrainian aggression, as it was children who found themselves hostages of the situation created by criminal Kiev authorities,” Osadchiy said.

The album includes photos by Lugansk Media Centre photographer Marina Sulimenko and her DPR and international colleagues.

The descriptions are in Russian and English to help international readers better understand the Donbass children’s tragedy.

Soroka said that the photos were irrefutable facts of Ukraine’s causing the death of Donbass children and committing war crimes against LPR and DPR residents.

She said that the LPR Foreign Ministry would promote the photo album so that as many residents of Europe and the USA as possible could see the Donbass people’s suffering captured in photos and the most terrible thing that can ever happen, i.e. the death of children.

The photo album is a charge against those who unleashed the war against Donbass civilians. 

“All the states must do everything possible to prevent the suffering of civilians, in the first place children during an armed conflict,” Nazarenko said, adding that Ukrainian army strikes at the LPR killed 34 children and crippled more than 80.

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