24 April 2018, 15:05



Vodafone is down for LPR, Kiev-held parts of Lugansk region

LUGANSK, April 24 (Lugansk Media Centre) - Mobile operator Vodafone known as MTS Ukraine has suspended operation in the LPR territory and Kiev-held parts of the Lugansk region due to a massive breakdown, the Lugansk People’s Republic Telecom and Mass Communications Ministry reported.

“According to the Ministry’s information, the Vodafone Ukraine network suffered a major breakdown. Service is unavailable in the LPR territory and Kiev-held areas of the Lugansk region,” it said.

“The mobile operator’s technical personnel said that the repairs would be carried out within the shortest possible time. As the Vodafone service is unavailable, the Republican operator’s network load has increased. Outgoing calls issues are possible,” the LPR Ministry said.

Vodafone suspended operation in the LPR territory on February 22, 2018, due to a fibre-optic line break in the Vesyolaya Gora area. Specialists managed to fix the problem within two days.

LuganskMediaCentre — 24 April — Lugansk