5 May 2017, 18:15



Video showing moment blast hits SMM vehicle proves Ukraine saboteurs were behind the attack

The video capturing the moment the OSCE SMM vehicle exploding after triggering a landmine, and spread by Ukrainian media proves that the accident was masterminded by Ukrainian special services, said LPR People's Militia spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Andrey Marochko.

On 23 April an OSCE Special Monitoring Mission vehicle en route from Slavyanoserbsk to Sokolniki rode on an anti-tank mine in the vicinity of LPR’s Prishib village, the explosion killed one mission's paramedic and wounded two monitors.

The People's Militia and LPR Ministry of State Security said Ukrainian sabotage squads had been operating in the area.

"On May 4, Ukrainian Liberty Radio published the video of the moment the SMM car was hit by a landmine blast, the tape was provided by Ukrainain source, and the record is of professional quality," Marochko said.

"Most probably the video is a part of the report on the operation carried out by a Ukrainian sabotage squad. Operator captured that particular stretch of the road where the car exploded".

"It proves what we have said before: the terror act killing one person and wounding two was perpetrated by Ukrainian special services."

LuganskMediaCentre — 05 May — Lugansk