30 October 2018, 14:50


Upcoming LPR elections do not contradict Minsk Agreements - Dutch observer

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LUGANSK, October 30 (Lugansk Media Centre) - The parliamentary and Head of Republic elections in the Lugansk People’s Republic scheduled for November 11 do not contradict the Minsk Agreements, Dutch observer Ronald Van Amerongen told the Lugansk Media Centre.

“It’s the second parliamentary and Head election in the LPR, so the Republic has an experience in arranging such election campaigns,” the observer said. “The authorities interact with the mass media, so all the decisions on the election campaign and the establishment of electoral districts are open to the public on the regional media websites.”

“I see that everything is open and transparent already at the initial stage, complying with the LPR Constitution and laws and key democratic principles,” Van Amerongen added.

He underscored that “the elections do not contradict the Minsk Agreements.”

Earlier, the LPR Central Election Commission approved the legislation to regulate the Head and parliamentary elections and the accreditation of international observers.

On September 7, LPR lawmakers passed the resolution setting November 11, 2018 as the date for parliamentary and Head elections. On September 6,  acting LPR Head Leonid Pasechnik signed the parliament-approved bills amending the LPR Provisional Basic Law (Constitution) and certain election law which extended the term of office for the Head of the Republic and parliamentarians from four to five years starting from the next election.

After verification of the documents and support lists, the CEC registered four candidates for the country’s top post, as well as the parliament candidate lists of the social movements Mir Luganschine and Lugansk Economic Union (LES).

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