22 August 2019, 20:22


Ultra runners pass Pasechnik RF flags carried from Russian border (PHOTOS)

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LUGANSK, August 22 (Lugansk Media Centre) - Participants in the Ultramarathon which marked Russian National Flag Day passed Lugansk People’s Republic leader Leonid Pasechnik the Russian flags they had carried from the Russian border in the Izvarino crossing point area to central Lugansk.

The marathon brought together more than 200 young participants from the DPR who ran over 70 kilometres alternatively carrying Russian flags. The action was held under the auspices of the LRR Culture, Sport and Youth Ministry, Health Care Ministry and Interior Ministry.

“It’s a symbolic event as Russian flags arrived in our Republic’s territory. I congratulate all Russians, all of us, because we’re part of the Russian world and I wish you a happy Russian National Flag Day. It is symbolic proof of the fact that our course has been one, unchanged since 2014; it is integration with the Russian Federation,” said Pasechnik as he received the Russian tricolours.

“We prove that we are one people; we’re strong, we have one goal; we’ll pursue it regardless. We also prove that the ideals on which Ukraine currently leans cannot be imposed upon us. We’ll defend our right to be called Russians. Ukraine wanted to isolate us from the world, but the great Russia came to help us. Russian passports are our pass to the future,” LPR Public Chamber chairman Alexey Koryakin noted.

Earlier, the Mir Luganschine social movement reported that Russian activists, ahead of Russian National Flag Day, passed two tricolours to Mir Luganschine for holding an ultramarathon.

National Flag Day, marked on August 22, was established in Russia by presidential decree in 1994. In the Russian tricolour, the white colour symbolizes nobility and duty, blue is faithfulness and chastity, and red for courage and generosity.

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