24 March 2021, 15:25


Ukrainian servicewoman dies two days after COVID-19 vaccination

LUGANSK, March 24 (Lugansk Media Centre) – Ukrainian servicewoman died after receiving the CoviShield vaccine, the Ukrainian armed forces medical command said in a statement.

The soldier was a member of an anti-aircraft missile regiment in Odessa on the Black Sea coast. After she suddenly lost consciousness in the evening on March 23, her fellow service members immediately alarmed the medical service of the military unit. Arriving at the scene, military and civilian medics attempted resuscitation measures, which were unsuccessful. The deceased received anti-COVID vaccine on March 21.

On Wednesday, the army medical command said that the victim died of acute cardiovascular failure. She has also been diagnosed with atherosclerotic cardiosclerosis.

According to the statement, she had no contraindications to the vaccine. On the same day, nine more people were inoculated from the same vial of vaccine. No side effects were reported.

According to Reuters, it is the first death reported since Ukraine started vaccination in February after receiving first 500,000 doses of CoviShield vaccine, the Indian version of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

LPR People's Militia has previously reported military victims of vaccine tests in Ukraine, though the information has never been officially confirmed in Ukraine. Four Ukrainian service members died after COVID-19 vaccine trials in July, one soldier was reported dead in October, according to the LPR military reports.

The World Health Organization announced COVID-19 a pandemic caused by novel coronavirus. The first cases were reported in China in late 2019, later sending the world into lockdowns and prompting social distance measures.

LuganskMediaCentre — 24 March — Lugansk