19 September 2019, 14:36


Ukrainian secret services behind Lugansk overpass bridge blast - Kobtseva

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LUGANSK, September 19 (Lugansk Media Centre) - Ukrainian secret services are involved in the blast of the overpass bridge at the intersection of Lutuginskaya and 2nd Stroitelnaya Street in Lugansk, the Lugansk People’s Republic representative to the humanitarian subgroup, head of the LPR working group on prisoner exchange Olga Kobtseva said at a press briefing at the Lugansk Media Centre.

Kobtseva reminded that “on Wednesday night, an act of terror was perpetrated in the LPR as pillars of the overpass at the intersection of Lutuginskaya and 2nd Stroitelnaya Streets were blasted.”

“This overpass has an important social significance; earlier in the day, a Russian humanitarian aid convoy arrived in Lugansk with relief supplies for the elderly, children and social infrastructure facilities operated by the Labour and Social Policy Ministry and Health Care Ministry. The humanitarian convoy was to have driven along this overpass,” she said.

“The pillars were blasted in such a manner as to provoke bridge collapses under a certain cargo load.  We had planned the route for the humanitarian aid convoy; this overpass links one part of Lugansk with another; we have warehouses where relief supplies are unloaded for subsequent distribution among social infrastructure facilities.

“Of course, Ukraine is involved in this act of terror,” the LPR representative to the Minsk humanitarian subgroup said.

“All the acts of sabotage committed in the LPR, are masterminded by Ukrainian representatives trained at the Security Service of Ukraine with the assistance of foreign instructors, as our experience shows. Such actions by Ukraine show once again that the incumbent government led by (President Vladimir) Zelensky is not set to achieve peace in Donbass,” Kobtseva said.

Earlier on Thursday, LPR Interior Minister Igor Kornet said that the overpass bridge at the intersection of Lutuginskaya and 2nd Stroitelnaya Streets had been damaged in a terrorist attack. Kornet said the the Russian humanitarian aid convoy trucks were to have driven along the overpass.

He said that the LPR Interior Ministry was working towards detaining the perpetrators within the next few days.

The LPR government set up a crisis centre to investigate the overpass explosion.

LuganskMediaCentre — 19 September — Lugansk