13 March 2017, 16:40


Ukrainian saboteur discloses details of his squad's crimes, including Anaschenko's murder

Detained Ukrainian saboteur Ivan Deev disclosed to LPR Ministry of State Security the details of Colonel Oleg Anaschenko's murder and other crimes committed by his squad.

Deev said he served in the 8th regiment of Ukrainian army special operations forces trained by the US, Lithuanian and Latvian instructors.

"After the training course 8th regiment's unit commander Oleg Nechaev call sign Vosmerka, commander of regiment's intelligence department major Pavel Balov call sign Kedr, and Ukrainian Security Sevice counter-intelligence department Anatoliy Sandurskiy call sign Khutor set the task of infiltrating into LPR territory and performing terror attacks there," Deev said.

"Our first mission was to destroy power station Pobeda in vicinity of Sverdlovsk in August 2016. We blew it up. After that me and Sergey  call-sign Fugas, who arrived on February 3, kill LPR People’s Militia command chief Colonel Oleg Anaschenko."

"On February 3 we came to a parking, Sergey took a high-explosive IED and attached it under driver's seat. On Februaty 4 we were waiting for Anaschenko to start the car.  "When the car arrived and he came out of the house, Sergey detonated the bomb. Sandurskiy called and ordered to capture it on camera. I shoot the car and sent the video to Sandurskiy's WhatsApp."

The officers of LPR Ministry of State Security and the Ministry of Interior uncovered a network of sabotage-reconnaissance groups who had been operating in the Republic. The detained saboteurs confessed a number of crimes they had committed in LPR, DPR and Russia.

LuganskMediaCentre — 13 March — Lugansk