2 July 2019, 15:43


Ukrainian commandos arrive in Starobelsk for sabotage missions - LPR Ministry

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LUGANSK, July 2 (Lugansk Media Centre) - A joint detachment of the Ukrainian army’s 8th Special Task Force regiment arrived in the Kiev-held Liman village, Starobelsk district, to carry out subversive operations, the Lugansk People’s Republic State Security Ministry (MGB) reported.

“The LPR MGB obtained information on temporary deployment of a joint detachment from 8th Special Task Force regiment in the Ukraine-held territory of the Lugansk region,” the report said. “The operations and tactical detachment arrived in Liman to carry out subversive operations.” 

“Assigned to the Operations and Tactical Group “North,” it (the Ukrainian team - eds Lugansk Media Centre) is led by an 8th Special Task Force regiment officer (staff job is commander of 3th unit of 8th Special Task Force regiment), Lt-Col Yevgeny Kovalchuk (tel:+380673081833) and chief of the joint detachment headquarters Maj Dmitry Shevtsov (tel:+380966357641), the MGB said.

The LPR State Security Ministry asks residents to report all illegal actions by Ukrainian servicemen, volunteer battalions, police or secret service by calling +38 (0642) 34-51-64, +38 (099) 562-89-02, +38 (072) 163-28-00 or writing to

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