19 January 2018, 12:40


Ukrainian armed forces sell military equipment to Arab countries - LPR agent

LUGANSK, January 19 (Lugansk Media Centre) – The Ukrainian armed forces sell military equipment to Arab countries, an LPR Ministry of State Security (MGB) agent Ivan Khizhnyak told Lugansk 24 news channel upon the returning from Ukraine after three years of collecting information disguised as a Ukrainian officer in an air defense missile unit.

Khizhnyak said he had witnessed a conversation between an 'ATO' commander and people speaking 'one of Arabian languages' at the Kramatorsk military air base.

"I saw this particular case, when a group of middle eastern men was admitted to the air based surprisingly as it is a sensitive site. There are premises where the 'ATO' command is based and I saw these foreigners admitted there, where a category one permit is required," he said.

"They spent some time there, I'm not sure exactly how long, and after their departure members of the Ukraine's Security Service detained some officers in command units. Later an information was received that the officers were suspected of theft or loss of arms."

"It was not detailed which arms exactly were involved, but the understanding was that some equipment had been sold, (in an apparent) deal reached."

Khizhnyak also said that Ukrainian army officers considered recent fires at rocket and artillery warehouses in Ukraine to be arsons perpetrated by command members to conceal large-scale embezzlements.

LuganskMediaCentre — 19 January — Lugansk