12 August 2019, 15:29


Ukraine fails to evacuate its dead troop from the grey zone

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LUGANSK, August 12 (Lugansk Media Centre) – Kiev forces are not evacuating the body of their troop out of the grey zone where he had been killed in a mine blast, said LPR People’s Militia press service officer Ivan Filiponenko.

"On August 10 a sniper team of the Ukraine's national guard first brigade advanced into the grey zone to assassinate LPR defenders and provoke retaliatory fire on the positions of the 30th brigade of the Ukrainian army," he said.

The team's number two, second lieutenant Romanenko, triggered a mine installed by the 30th brigade 500 m away from the Ukrainian army positions. The number one panicked and ran away leaving his dead comrade behind.

"Despite security guarantees provided by the LPR Ukrainian side has not evacuated the body even the next day."

Earlier the LPR officers in the JCCC evacuated a dead Ukrainian troop from the grey zone outside Rassadki with the assistance of the Afghan War Veteran Union.

The Ukrainian side violated its security guarantees and opened fire on the JCCC officers in the presence of the OSCE SMM members.

LuganskMediaCentre — 12 August — Lugansk