24 October 2016, 19:28



Ukraine claims 270 mln hryvnia for water while supply agreement is not signed

Ukraine claimed 270 mln hryvnia that Lugansk allegedly owes it for water supply though the appropriate agreement is not signed yet, the TASS New agency reports citing LPR envoy to Minsk negotiations Vladislav Deinego.

Earlier he said that Kiev claimed 270 mln hryvnia that Lugansk allegedly owes it for water supply as the leaders of the Normandy Four (Russia, Germany, France and Ukraine) were discussing the revival of stalled peace process in Donbass at roundtable talks in Berlin on Oct. 19-20.

The partners suggested Ukraine should settle the issue within the Contact Group working group for economic issues in Minsk, though its work is being hampered by Kiev caviling DPR representative status.

"This sum of 270 mln hryvnia  is preliminary, according to Kiev's calculation on the basis of their prices. The additional agreement outlining the payments for the supplied water is being discussed. Ukraine has not put any calculations on the table. We have sent our reconciliation act. At this stage Poroshenko starts claiming money," Deinego explained.

He emphasized that Ukraine demands payments from Lugansk citizens, whom it considers to be Ukrainian citizens, though the social payments for them were halted.

Kiev on October 7th restored water supplies to LPR territory via two main sources - West water treatment plant ZFS-2 and Petrovskiy duct.

In September Kiev shut off two water pipelines delivering water to LPR territory - the first one is pumping water to Lugansk area from Kiev-controlled West water treatment plant in vicinity of Lisichansk, and Petrovskiy duct. LPR was faced with a significant depletion of water supply. LPR Сouncil of ministers declared an emergency in several districts of the Republic on September 27th due to significant water supply deterioration.

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