7 October 2020, 12:51


Two teenagers killed by a spoit tip combustion gases in Sverdlovsk

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LUGANSK, October 7 (Lugansk Media Centre) – Two teenagers were killed by poisonous gases emerging from a spoil tip in Sverdlovsk.

Sverdlovsk emergency service was alerted on October 6 at 11.45 a.m. A local woman said that her daughter accompanied by friends had discovered their peers next to the Voikova street without signs of life.

It appears that a 12-yer-old girl and a 14-year-old-boy climbed to the highest point of a spoil tip 80 meters above the ground. Poisoning by combustion products of a waste rock was named a presumed cause of death.

The teenagers are believed to have climbed the spoil tip "to enjoy the views of the town at night" without notifying anyone. Their friends began the search at around midnight, as the two were not answering calls by that time. Their friends guessed where the pair might have gone and resumed the search on their own in the morning.

A spoil tip is an artificial hill built of accumulated waste material removed during mining. Spontaneous subterranean combustion with temperatures as high as 1,200 C is known to result from high proportion of hydrocarbons or coal dust under pressure. Hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, sulfur and nitrogen dioxides fill the air around the spoil tip, even short-term exposure to the gases might be fatal. It is strictly prohibited to climb spoil tips.

"The residents of miners town know they must not climb spoil tips from the childhood. Nevertheless such accidents are regularly reported," the LPR Ministry of Emergencies said.

The Ministry warns against climbing these artificial hills and calls on parents to remind their children of the extreme threat that the hills, called terrikons locally, pose.

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