7 April 2019, 20:16



Stanitsa bridge reconstruction hampered by disagreement over its width – OSCE's Frisch (PHOTOS)

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LUGANSK, April 7 (Lugansk Media Centre) – The reconstruction of the Stanitsa Luganskaya bridge is being obstructed by the disagreement of the sides on its width, said the Coordinator of the Humanitarian working group Ambassador Toni Frisch who is visiting the Republic.

"The bridge is in poor condition. It's not the first time I am here and I hope that sooner or later there will be a permanent bridge."

"We have plans and ideas that have already been discussed. There were plans to make a rigid, metal bridge, but we know there is a  hitch," he sais explaining that the LPR "wants a three-meter wide bridge so that it is accessible to ambulances… but there is no agreement from the Ukrainian side. There is only a discussion on whether it should be two-meter or three-meter wide. That's where we are at the moment, unfortunately".

Frisch emphasized the importance of the reconstruction as "elderly people, children and women face significant difficulties crossing the contact line through a wooden ramp installed over the ruined sections".

He said that there were also talks over possible opening of other checkpoints: Zolotoye, Popasnaya and Schastye. "I'll be happy if any of them opens, it will be an important step."

Currently there is only one official checkpoint at the line of contact in LPR area of responsibility in Donbass and it is accessible via the bridge in the vicinity of Stanitsa Luganskaya. Only pedestrian traffic there is possible as a temporary wooden ramp has been installed over the collapsed sections of the bridge. The bridge sustained damage after it had been blown up by Ukrainian forces on March 19, 2015. LPR has been continuously proposing to rebuild it.

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