15 March 2017, 14:14


Saboteurs plotted terror attack in Lugansk with IED camouflaged as cement

Ukrainian sabotage-reconnaissance squad behind Colonel Oleg Anaschenko's murder planned another attack using IED  camouflaged as a piece of cement, said the Minister of Interior Igor Kornet.

"The Interior Ministry's operational divisions prevented another major terror attack plotted by a sabotage-reconnaissance  group in Lugansk southern neighborhood," the minister said.

"An explosive device was found near the house where Anaschenko lived, the IED was camouflaged as a piece of cement."

Kornet said that the explosive device was uncovered and deactivated timely.

"It was equivalent of 1.5 kg of TNT and contained fragmentation-generating objects – screws. It was a radio-controlled highly explosive IED. The charge was sealed with spray foam.

It was manufactured in Ukraine by the Security Service of Ukraine and taken across the contact line, then handed to the sabotage squad that was later uncovered and arrested.

The officers of LPR Ministry of State Security and the Ministry of Interior uncovered a network of sabotage-reconnaissance groups who had been operating in the Republic. The detained saboteurs confessed a number of crimes they had committed in LPR, DPR and Russia.

LuganskMediaCentre — 15 March — Lugansk