20 February 2017, 14:20


Russia’s Donbass documents decree is game changer for Ukraine – Israeli journalist

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s degree on recognition of documents given to Donbass people evidences that the situation is changing not in Kiev’s favour, journalist Ravid Gor told Lugansk Media Centre.
Gor said so in comments on the degree ‘On recognition in the Russian Federation of the documents and license plates of vehicles issued to Ukraine’s citizens and persons without citizenship, who permanently reside in the areas of certain districts of Ukraine’s Donetsk and Lugansk regions."
“The degree is certainly welcome news for many residents of the republic,” he said adding that Kiev is gradually losing its grip on territories and the general situation.
“On the one hand, the decree mentions “areas of certain districts of Ukraine’s Donetsk an Lugansk regions,” and, on the other, it clearly shows recognition of the competence and self-sufficiency of self-rule bodies in these “territories” which can issue documents, now recognized by Russia. Russia recognizes Ukraine’s integrity de-jure, while showing de facto that the situation is changing, not in Kiev’s favour,” Gor said.
In his opinion, the decree might be followed by other major decisions by Moscow that will be very painful to Kiev.
“How does the Russian degree help? It provides for introducing visa regime with Ukraine any time; the talk about it has been on since last October. It can be introduced unilaterally without harming LPR and DPR citizens. Not coincidentally, Vladimir Putin urged FSB on 16 February to resist the terrorist threat coming from Kiev authorities, among other sources. That is why Vladimir Putin’s decree was viewed by Ukrainian authorities as a painful blow in response to their foiling all peace initiatives and talks. The hopes to reintegrate the lost territories are becoming increasingly vague while the punishment for crimes is looming ever closer even for the most inadequate Kiev politicians. All the moves indicate that Russia won’t let Donbass be thrown under the bus,” he said.
It is of no less importance that the Donbass republics residents, unable to get or replace documents, will have an opportunity to stay in Russia legally or initiate residency or citizenship procedures, without the need to contact Ukrainian government bodies over missing documents. Many young LPR/DPR citizens who received passports and education certificates after the republics broke away from Ukraine, have a welcome opportunity to receive education in Russia. The availability of LPR/DPR-issue passports and other documents might help the republic’s residents look different from Ukrainian guest workers in the Russians’ eyes, and hope for a warmer attitude, without the negative feelings that built up towards the Ukrainians exploiting double morals principles,” Gor said.
“My congratulations to Donbass residents on the fact that their life will become a bit easy, and Russia a bit closer, and the need to contact Ukrainian government institutions less pressing,” he said.

LuganskMediaCentre — 20 February — Lugansk