21 November 2019, 19:45


Russian citizenship to help Donbass break information blockade - Indonesian activist

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LUGANSK, November 21 (Lugansk Media Centre) - The fast track Russian citizenship procedure for Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics residents will help break through the information blockade of the region, Indonesian activist Giorgio Ramadan told the Lugansk Media Centre.
“I believe that Russia’s decision to issue passports to the People’s Republics resident is positive,” Ramadan said. “First of all, it recovers travelling opportunities for many people who live in Donbass and are stripped of their rights because of the pressure by Ukrainian fascists and western imperialist powers.”
 “I hope that this step will let the Republics’ problems be heard more in the world as LPR and DPR residents can travel abroad and tell the truth there,” he said.
The Indonesian activist expressed the hope that it would help stop the spreading of fascism in Ukraine and NATO’s aggression.
It is very important as people increasingly forget it or don’t know about it, especially those in remote places. For example, the Donbass situation coverage by local Indonesian media is quite meagre. The news from Donbass practically never reach Indonesia. A majority of the population, especially in rural areas, know nothing about this topic.
“I very much want the Donbass Republics to break free from the intensifying isolation which worsens ordinary people’s life. I very much hope that it will end in the shortest possible time. The issue of Russian passports is the correct move in the right direction,” Ramadan said.

LuganskMediaCentre — 21 November — Lugansk