20 June 2018, 18:17


Ricci the Parrot from LPR has a go at predicting FIFA matches, two picks come true so far

Have decided to test our bird's abilities, Ricci picks Russia, the Facebook post of Ricci's owner says

LUGANSK, June 20 (Lugansk Media Centre) – Ricci (Ritchie) the parrot from Lugansk apparently holds power of clairvoyance as he has successfully predicted the results of the Russia-Egypt and Portugal-Morocco FIFA 2018 matches.

The fortuneteller's owner Marina from Lugansk said that one hour prior to the Russia-Egypt match, she put improvised flags with the names of the countries in front of Ricci and he picked Russia in all the three attempts.

"As the prediction turned out to be credible, I had to try him once again. The test again involved flags made of toothpicks. After a moment of uncertainty, the Corella decided in favor of Portugal."

When asked about the upcoming match between Uruguay and Saudi Arabia, Ricci decided the first is going to win, and seemed to parrot experts' pick of Spain concerning its upcoming match with Iran.

If the parrot's success turns out to be re-parroting tonight, it will boost his credibility rate and get him into the ranks of the world-famous fortune-telling animals.

Go, Ricci, have a go at goals!


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