3 April 2018, 15:23



Restoring LPR coal industry is key to development - Pasechnik

LUGANSK, April 3 (Lugansk Media Centre) - The restoration of the coal industry of the Lugansk People’s Republic is key to its development, acting LPR Head Leonid Pasechnik said during the discussion of the LPR’s five-year economic development project with Sverdlovantratsit coal mining enterprise personnel on Tuesday.

 “The main objective of the proposed programme is to raise the standard of living of the Republic’s residents from all walks of life,” the Republic’s leader said.

 “I believe, and you’ll agree with me, that the restoration and development of our economy is the main track for solving this problem. It’s the key task,” Pasechnik said. “The local industry is instrumental to us, so your opinions and proposals are very important; I want to hear and understand them; I want us to understand each other. I promise that all your proposals will be taken into account and integrated into the programme.”

He noted that the second important element of the programme was integration with the Russian Federation and that the third was anti-corruption fight.

 “We’re awaiting proposals to benefit all of us, both Sverdlovsk residents and the Republic on the whole. Admittedly, the problems we’re taking on have not emerged all of a sudden, they’ve been accumulating for decades. We have no time to engage in populism, we have a unique opportunity to make balanced decision and identify the priorities,” Sverdlovsk town and district head Andrey Sukhachev said.

In the course of the discussion the miners brought forward proposals concerning the calculation of the retirement benefit based on the length of service, road repairs, wage increases pegged to the length of service, bimonthly wage payments and common customs space with the Donetsk People’s Republic.

Severdlovsk Miners Trade Union Chairman Alexander Yeletskiy said that such meetings were necessary

“They raise questions which are of real concern of residents of all our territory” he said. “As working class representatives, we raise all the acute issue and expect their positive solution.”

On March 14, acting LPR head Leonid Pasechnik said at a session of the Mir Luganschine Republican Council that LPR residents would be able to participate in working out the Republic’s five-year socio-economic development programme and offered Mir Luganschine to arrange a broad public discussion.

LPR residents can phone the hotlines or visit the Mir Luganschine website to present their proposals concerning the programme. They are also welcome to voice them at all Mir Luganschine executive committees and grassroots across the Republic.

Mir Luganschine is the largest social movement in the LPR numbering more than 101,000 members. It was established before the election to LPR People’s Council on November 2, 2014. The Mir Luganschine candidates won 69.42 percent of votes finishing first in the election. Acting LPR head Leonid Pasechnik was unanimously elected chairman of the movement at its 3rd Republican Congress on February 17.

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