6 February 2020, 18:29



Residents of LPR frontline villages in no hurry to rebuild houses, fear new strikes (PHOTOS)

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LUGANSK, February 6 (Lugansk Media Centre) -  Many residents of frontline villages have not rebuilt their damaged homes as they fear new strikes from Ukrainian forces, head of the Slavyanoserbsky district administration department for housing and utilities, rebuilding, ecology, transport and communications Igor Klunnik said.

Klunnik, local administration officials and reporters visited the Smeloye village on Thursday to talk with residents whose houses had taken damage from strikes by Kiev forces.

“Thirty-six settlements in the Slavyanoserbsky district sustained damage as a result of Ukrainian army aggression; sixteen of them, including Smeloye are on the contact line,” he said. Overall, more than 2,000 houses in the District were damaged in shelling. In Smeloye, damage was inflicted on 206 houses or one-third of the residential area.

In 2015, the LPR launched the 2000 housing sector rebuilding programme and later on the 2000 + programme.

In the Slavyanoserbsky district, the authorities planned to restore 1,045 houses. As of today, certificates of completion have been signed for 918 houses.

Under the programmes, owners of damaged houses were given construction materials, but some of them never began repairs.

“They received the required materials shortly after the programme was launched; the programme had to be completed back in 2016,” an administration official said.

“The main reason is that people hear gunfire every day, so they are afraid of rebuilding,” Klunnik said.

Smeloye village residents said that Kiev forces were next to their village and that they could open fire at their houses anytime which had repeatedly done in the past few years.

 “People won’t use construction materials for rebuilding because they fear more strikes,” a village resident said.

“Many villagers store the construction materials in the hope to use them when peace comes,” Smeloye resident Anna said.

Earlier, the LPR Construction and Housing and Public Utilities Ministry reported that construction workers had finished the first phase of the state programme as they repaired 471 houses that had sustained minor war-related damage.

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