23 November 2017, 13:37


Residents of Kiev-held areas win Language in Which I Think contest

LUGANSK, November 23 (Lugansk Media Centre) - Residents of Kiev-controlled Stanichno-Lugnaskiy and Novopskovskiy districts were among the winners of the Language in Which I Think contest held in the Lugansk People’s Republic under the auspices of the Donbass people reunification humanitarian programme, the LPR Culture, Sports and Youth Ministry press service reported.
The contest which ran from 1 August till 10 November was organised by Maxim Gorky Lugansk Republican Universal Scientific Library (LRUNB) assisted by the Republic’s Culture, Sports and Youth Ministry. The participants, aged 16 to 35, competed in poetry, fiction and political journalism. 
“Seventy-eight amateur authors from LPR, DPR and Kiev-held areas of Lugansk Region submitted more than 100 writings in Russian and Ukrainian,” the Ministry said. 
“The participants notably expressed great interest in the contest’s themes,” said LRUNB director Natalia Rastorguyeva. “Jurors were particularly impressed by the works focused on the importance of the language as an element of the person’s culture and formation of their civil position.”
Stanitsa Luganskaya resident Maxim’s two fiction stories won the Discovery of the Year prize. 
Lugansk residents Yuriy Tolmachev and Yekaterina Pisarenko and Lutugino resident Yuriy Martynenko won prizes in Poetry.
In fiction, the top places went to Novopskovskiy district resident Yelizaveta, Yelena Ryabova from Metallist settlement, Slavyanoserbskiy district, and Donetsk resident Olga Belous.
Lugansk residents Artyom Argunov and Milana Torua and Krasnodon resident Anna Zosimova were best in Political Essay.
“The certificate awarding ceremony will take place in December 2017 as part of the events marking the 120th anniversary of LRUNB establishment. All the participants will receive certificates, and the winners will get laureates’ diplomas and prizes, the LPR Culture Ministry said.
The best writings will be published in a special edition of selected works to be distributed among the participants. Its electronic version will be placed on the LRUNB website. 
On February 17 DPR and LPR Heads Alexander Zakharchenko and Igor Plotnitskiy launched the program of humanitarian assistance for residents of Kiev-occupied part of Donbass. The main goal of the programme is to support socially vulnerable groups in Kiev-held areas. It envisions financial and medical aid and educational services.
LPR Telecom and Mass Communications Ministry launched the humanitarian programme website.

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