11 March 2019, 12:54

Rescue team spends 4 hours lifting cow from cellar as the animal entered the wrong door

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LUGANSK, March 11 (Lugansk Media Centre) – Emergency response team has spent four hours lifting a cow from a cellar, where the bovine fell after entering the wrong building.

The LPR Emergencies Ministry press office said that a firefighters team of the Pervomaisk fire department No. 23 was called to the Dachnaya street to rescue a cow from the two-meter-deep cellar in a summer canteen the animal mistakenly took for her shed.

The cellar turned out to be too narrow for a safe lifting of the cow and firefighters had to remove parts of the floor to widen the entrance to the cellar. After that they successfully pulled out the animal with fire hoses and fire rope and returned it to the owner.

"The cow mixed up the doors and entered the summer canteen instead of her shed. In an unlucky coincidence, the cellar was opened at the time. The owners failed to rescue the bovine on their own as there was a need for physical strength and equipment. Professional actions of the rescue team resulted in a safe extrication of the cow. The operation took four hours," the press statement reads.

Republican rescue teams are routinely called to save animals stuck in wells, drains and cellars.

In May 2018, Emergency response team of Uspenka, Lutugino district, has helped a 500-kilos cow to get out of an abandoned five-meters deep water well. A month earlier, Antratsit rescue team spent three hours lifting a 400-kg cow from a well filled with water. 

In September 2017, Rovenki firefighter team saved a female goat who fell down in a concrete well when chased by a dog, while Bryanka rescue team spent nine hours extricating a pregnant cow from 10-meter deep well.

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