10 August 2017, 11:35


Receivership keeps mining companies operating, provides orders for subcontractors

The introduction of receivership ensured stable operation of large mining companies Krasnodonugol, Rovenkiantratsit and Sverdlovantratsit and provided orders for related enterprises, said Dmitry Khoroshilov, chairman of LPR People’s Council Committee for Industrial and Agrarian Policy, Construction, Housing and Utilities, Infrastructure, Transport and Fuel and Energy Complex.

“Stable operation of mining companies secured orders for companies in related industries,” said Khoroshilov, member of the headquarters for introducing external management, in an interview with Lugansk Media Centre.

“The mines have the equipment which cuts off electricity in emergencies, such as gas hazard or explosion. These sophisticated electronic devices need regular maintenance. Earlier, they had to be taken to Ukraine for repairs by hood or by crook and then brought back,” he said.

The deputy added that no documents had been supplied for the services rendered and that the quality of maintenance or repairs had not been certified.

At present, such works, as well as replacement and testing are performed by domestic companies, including Uglepribor enterprise. “They offered their services before, but previous fuel and energy sector executives did not wish to work with them,” Khoroshilov said.

Mining equipment is now maintained by Rudnichniye Mashiny (Mining Mashines), Sverdlovsk Engineering plant and other LPR companies. “Though the orders are small, they still guarantee companies’ operation which means new jobs,” he underlined.

The law on non-resident companies envisions introduction of state management by appointing interim administration at non-resident businesses operating in the Republic which failed to conclude, by 1 March 2017, the agreement with LPR tax authorities on tax deductions to LPR budget.

Krasnodonugol, Rovenkiantratsit and Sverdlovskantratsit are among the LPR companies in receivership.


LuganskMediaCentre — 10 August — Lugansk