3 October 2017, 19:32


Pupils of 30 Lugansk schools take part in city European languages festival (PHOTOS)

LUGANSK, October 3 (Lugansk Media Centre) - More than 300 pupils of Lugansk schools took part in the city festival of European languages hosted by 200th Lugansk Anniversary Grammar School No 60, city administration Education Department head Valentina Kiyashko said.

 “We are having a festival of European languages which has been held since 2008 to mark European Day of Languages,” Kiyashko said. “Twelve schools and 170 children participated in the first festival; this year, it involves 30 schools and a total of 306 schoolchildren.”

The official said that the city schools that had passed the elimination rounds had prepared performances addressing the theme “LPR Through the Eyes of Europeans: Looking into the Future.” The Lugansk history milestones exhibition of paintings and photos ran as part of the festival.

“We believe that the more languages human beings know the more human they are. Different foreign languages are studied in Lugansk and across the Republic,” Kiyashko said.

Neighbouring countries’ languages are taught at many Lugansk schools together with German, French, English and Spanish. Turkish and Chinese are taught at School No 5.

Ukrainian language, which is the second state language in LPR, is studied at the Republic’s schools as before.

 “School No 21 has instruction fully in Ukrainian, it has arts and aesthetics specialisation with children studying all subjects in Ukrainian; we have kept Ukrainian classes as well; that is, we have them if parents so wish,” she said.

 Grammar School No 60 Director, LPR People’s Council deputy Alla Podtynnaya said that it is the first time this educational institution hosts the festival.

“It’s great that we have such a festival here in Lugansk,” she said. “You know that a self-sufficient person is actually a citizen of the world who is patriot of their home country, LPR, a patriot of this city; at the same time they should be needed in any education area of the world, that is they can fulfil themselves in any country and enjoy respect.”

“It’s always good to know foreign languages; this festival promotes language learning,” the school director added.

 In 2016, the Festival of European languages in Lugansk was hosted by the “Intellect” education centre earlier knowns as Grammar School No 42 and Lyceum No 24.  

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