6 December 2016, 19:34



Public utilities workers wages 20 percent up from pre-war level – Lugansk administration

Average monthly wages of Lugansk public utilities workers exceed the 2013 level by 20 percent, Lugansk administration Economic Department head Aleksander Golosov said.

Lugansk utility services wage pool nearly reaches the pre-war level now, he said.

“The wage fund of 15 public utilities in the first nine months of 2016 reached RUB 206.6 mln (3,234,695 U.S. dollars) which is the 2013 level. Back then, it slightly exceeded RUB 207 mln,” Golosov said.

He said the average monthly wage of public utilities workers increased by 20 percent from the 2013 level.

However, the average number of workers fully employed in this sector has decreased by 586 or 20 percent since 2013, he added.  

LuganskMediaCentre — 06 December — Lugansk