20 November 2017, 17:47



Private mine worker killed in accident involving safety violations

LUGANSK, November 20 (Lugansk Media Centre) – A miner employed by a private enterprise died in an accident involving safety violations at the Bars Invest mine in Kamennyi, Antratsit region, said the minister of emergencies Sergey Ivanushkin.

"Today at 6.10 a.m. a miner of Bars Invest mine in Kamennyi, Antratsit region, was instantly killed by a trolley," he said.

Acting head of State service of mining supervision and industrial safety Alexander Trofimenko said that the miner was moving in a trolley in violation of safety precautions, slipped and fell as the cart was approaching surface and was crushed by the trolley.

"The commission was launched to investigate the accident, experts have already arrived there and I will join them after this meeting," Trofimenko said speaking at the meeting of the LPR Council of Ministers today.

Five miners were killed in Nikolskaya-95 mine collapse last October, as the rock fall occurred there at 620m depth. Preliminary investigation showed the mine in Antratsit region operated without permissions or even registration with state authorities.

In 2016, the Prosecutor General's Office suspended the operation of all coalmining enterprises across LPR until their owners and operators secure all necessary state permits and approvals.

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