7 November 2016, 19:21


Plotnitskiy: LPR restores over 300 industrial facilities out of 520 in two years

LPR has restored over 300 refining and processing enterprises that were damaged during Ukraine's offensive in Donbass,  the Republic Head Igor Plotnitskiy said speaking today at the meeting to celebrate the second anniversary of his inauguration and People's Council election.

"Kiev intense shelling badly damaged industrial sites. Almost every plant was hit in the Republic, some were ruined."

"Nevertheless, by the end of 2014 fifty refining sites were back in operation, with six thousand employed there. During 2015-2016 huge efforts of LPR residents brought the majority of enterprises back to life. In 2016 we have 304 operating industrial plants out of 523 existing," Plotnitskiy said.

LPR leader promised that 2017 state policy concerning restoration and development of refining industry will focus on dealing with key problems and keeping traditions that facilitated this year's progress.

LuganskMediaCentre — 07 November — Lugansk