6 March 2017, 13:35



Plotnitskiy: LPR doesn't nationalize Ukrainian companies, just introduces receivership

LPR has not nationalized Ukrainian enterprises in Donbass, but has put them under external management so that they can continue operation, said LPR Head Igor Plotnitskiy.

On February 27, DPR and LPR Heads Alexander Zakharchenko and Igor Plotnitskiy warned Kiev that the Republics would put Ukraine-registered companies under receivership and halt coal supplies to Ukraine if the Donbass transport blockade organized by Ukrainian radicals was not lifted by 1 March. Under the LPR tax law external management was introduced on non-resident companies to rearrange their production lines so that jobs and social guarantees for the employees are preserved.

"Ukraine thinks we have nationalized, or wrestled away these enterprises, but it is not true. We gave time and chance to the owners, we have never concealed it, though never paraded it," Plotnitskiy said.

"It all began in order to restore the operation of the enterprises. To revive the Republic it was necessary to decide who and how to trade and to work with."

"We cannot live in a continuous blockade and hatred towards each other, Ukraine will be our neighbor, want it or not, we'll have to build economic ties for the benefit of the Republic," Plotnitskiy maintained.

LuganskMediaCentre — 06 March — Lugansk