10 July 2018, 18:27



People’s Militia delivers food to Zolotoye-4 residents who lost harvest because of Kiev

LUGANSK, July 10 (Lugansk Media Centre) - Lugansk People’s Republic People’s Militia delivered humanitarian aid to residents of the Kiev-controlled Zolotoye-4 settlement who lost their harvest because of Kiev forces.


The press centre of the headquarters of the so-called “Joint Forces Operation” said on July 2 that the Ukrainian army had taken control of the Zolotoye-4 settlement allegedly located in the “grey zone.” LPR People’s Militia spokesman Andrey Marochko denied the allegations noting that the settlement had been under Kiev’s control since 2014. Under the pretext of taking Zolotoye-4, the Ukrainian army boosted its presence in the area located close to a military disengagement zone. OSCE SMM Principal Deputy Chief Monitor Alexander Hug later confirmed that the settlement had long been under Ukraine’s control. At present, Kiev forces are carrying out mopping up operations in Zolotoye-4 forcing its residents to flee their homes.


“Regrettably, we receive information that (Ukrainian army) hardware is deployed right in people’s garden plots. Residents lost the harvest they had been growing,” said Marochko who helped deliver relief supplies to Zolotoye-4.

A Zolotoyev-4 resident shared her impressions about the current situation in the settlement.

“We’re having “fun” there - our so-called liberators came, messed things up, trampled our gardens overrunning the place like barbarians. We’ve been complaining to no avail,” she said.

Sergey Afanasyev, acting head of the Pervomaisk administration which manages the neighbouring Zolotoye-5 settlement, reported numerous appeals from residents of the Kiev-controlled Zolotoye-4.

“After frequent complaints from Zolotoyev-4 residents I asked the People’s Militia to respond and provide humanitarian aid. Zolotoye-4 residents appeals followed the build-up of the Ukrainian army presence and the deployment of military hardware in close proximity to and on their homestead premises. That is why local residents appealed to us, and reached me by phone or through their relatives,” Afanasyev said.


A People’s Militia truck delivered to Zolotoye-5 flour, macaroni, rice, buckwheat, juices, sunflower oil, biscuits, canned fish, meat and milk, tea and haematogen. Volunteers put the foodstuffs into bags at the local school to prepare them for distribution.

“People’s Militia not only guards our borders militarily, it also cares about frontline settlement residents providing humanitarian assistance to them. We are very grateful to the People's Militia for delivering humanitarian aid to residents of the Zolotoye-5 and Zolotoye-4 settlements,” Afanasyev said.

Marochko said that all residents of the Kiev-controlled Zolotoye-4 settlement were entitled to aid packages and that they could collect them at the local school on their own or through their relatives.

LuganskMediaCentre — 10 July — Lugansk