6 June 2018, 16:53


Pasechnik makes June 6 the Day of the Russian Language

LUGANSK, June 6 (Lugansk Media Centre) – The LPR acting head Leonid Pasechnik has established the Day of the Russian Language to be celebrated annually in the Republic.

The official decree of Pasechnik says that the Day of the Russian Language "shall be celebrated annually on June 6."

The Day is introduced to promote and preserve historical traditions, Russian language as a heritage of all the post-Soviet nations and countries, a means of cross-cultural communication and a part of the world's cultural and spiritual treasure.

"Donbass is an integral part of the Russian World. We are interconnected by common victories and united cultural and spiritual space, the Orthodox religion, common history and which is the most important thing, the Russian language. It plays the key function in uniting the vast and multinational Russian World. It is its basis. Our mother tongue is Russian and that is why it has been granted a status of the LPR official language. It was exactly the right to speak native language that the people of Donbass fought to defend against Ukrainian junta in 2014," Pasechnik said.

"Studying and preservation the Russian language is fundamental for our identity, culture and traditions. Linguistic identity is essential for every culture as it safeguards distinctive cultural heritage of a civilization."

"I believe our common task is to actively research and guard the Russian language, the basis of the Russian World."

LuganskMediaCentre — 06 June — Lugansk