11 November 2018, 22:27


Pasechnik: LPR has had transparent, democratic vote

LUGANSK, November 11 (Lugansk Media Centre) – The LPR acting head Leonid Pasechnik said that Republic had had  transparent and democratic elections.

"Thank you for your activity. Thank you for believing in our future. Together we have participated in a historic event. Together we have held open, democratic elections, and I congratulate you," he said addressing a crown of people who gathered at a big concert involving Russian famous musicians at the Lugansk central square.

"Today's voter turnout proves that we made the right choice in 2014. Donbass and Russia are the one and no one can separate us," he said.

Polling stations have closed in the LPR after a day of Head and Parliamentary elections at 8 p.m., the Central Election Commission said. The turnout reached 77 percent of eligible voters.

The four candidates running for Head have promised to focus on improving economy, living standards, heath care and social guarantees, and to fight corruption.

Opinion polls revealed acting head Leonid Pasechnik as the front-runner, supported by 63 percent of responders. He is loosely followed by Oleg Koval (11 percent), Natalia Sergun (4 percent) and Ludmila Rusnak (2 percent).

Two social movements are vying for places in the People's Council: the Mir Luganschine (Peace to Lugansk Region) which has over 100,000 members and the Lugansk Economic Union with 25,000 members. Currently Mir Luganschine occupies 70 percent of the parliament seats.

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