18 October 2018, 13:51


Pasechnik attends Izvarino settlement gas supply launching ceremony (PHOTOS)

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LUGANSK, October 18 (Lugansk Media Centre) - Acting Head of the Lugansk People’s Republic Leonid Pasechnik and Krasnodon district administration Head Sergey Kozenko took part in a ceremony to launch gas supply to Izvarino settlement customers.

“Of course, it’s a benchmark and long-awaited event for all of you,” Pasechnik said. “All the streets have been connected to the gas supply network; natural gas is now available to all customers.”

“It is part of the LPR administration’s course towards raising the standard of living,” he added.

Earlier, the LPR leadership decided to raise public sector wages by 10 percent starting November 1. On October 1, the Republic’s authorities increased higher education students’ grants by 20 percent.

“We do it while relying on domestic resources. The launching of factories and economic upturn enable us to draw up our budget and spend this money on improving our residents’ welfare,” Pasechnik said.

“Gas supply to your settlement will heat not only your homes, in the future it will heat the school, the kindergarten and the outpatient department, to make our children and grandchildren warm,” Kozenko said.

“Launching gas supply to the settlement is a benchmark giving it a second life,” he added.

“Today, we see the launching of gas supply we have been waiting for so long. I thank the residents who risked investing in the project and helped make this dream come true,” Izvarino activist Yevgnia Turkulets said. “Many have been waiting for it nearly all their lives.”

The Krasnodon district administration reported that a 7-kilometre gas pipe had been laid to complete the project.

Until recently, coal has been primary fuel in Izvarino which was founded in 1914. It was only in 2006 that nine streets in Izvarino were connected to the gas pipe. The remaining 16 streets had no gas supply. The decision to complete the project was made in 2017 at the initiative of Izvarino life support department head Yuri Mischerin, who was backed by local activists.

Earlier, Pasechnik attended the Krasnodon settlement gas supply launching ceremony.

LuganskMediaCentre — 18 October — Lugansk