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Pasechnik attends ceremony of Krasnodon township gas supply project launch (PHOTOS)

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LUGANSK, August 21 (Lugansk Media Centre) - Acting Lugansk People’s Republic Head Leonid Pasechnik, Krasnodon administration head Sergey Kozenko and Luganskgaz state-owned company director general Tatyana Bogorodko took part in the ceremony to launch gas supply to Krasnodon consumers.

Krasnodon residents passed bread and salt to the head of the Republic thanking him for his assistance in converting to gas-heating systems.

“I know that it’s a long-awaited event for all villagers without exception. Regrettably, Ukrainian authorities were unable to cope with it over an extended period, so it was we, LPR residents, who completed the work on this track,” Pasechnik said.

He expressed the hope that the LPR would be able to implement similar projects and take on even more challenging tasks and thanked everybody involved in pipeline construction.

“We’ve done a large amount of work; I’m confident of its quality. Of course, it’s a landmark for villagers; so I congratulate them and wish them to always be happy in their warm houses,” the LPR leader said.

The 4,661-meter long high pressure gas pipe was built from July through September 2017. The construction of the distribution pipeline in Startseva, Sadovaya, Eliseyenko and Sverdlova Streets began in November 2017 and ended in June 2018. It was funded by the Mir cooperative that brought together 197 Krasnodon residents. One consumer already has gas supply and others will be connected to the pipeline next week after installing the necessary equipment. The next distribution pipeline will be built for another nine streets.

“I’ve been working (on Krasnodon gas supply - eds Lugansk Media Centre) for 12 years; I’ve contacted many organisations and officials; two projects were prepared but they were given up every time the government changed. It’s gratifying to see gas supplied to Krasnodon at long last, thanks to the head of the Republic and Luganskgaz,” administration head Sergey Kozenko said.

“Our staff have carried out much work; surprisingly, such a large settlement as Krasnodon had no gas supply in the 21st century. Natural gas means comfort for every family; they don’t have to stock firewood or coal; they simply have to strike a match and light the burner,” Luganskgaz director Tatyana Bogorodko said.

She noted that Ukrainian authorities had done very little to supply gas to remote settlements and that after 2014, the LPR authorities began active work on these projects.

“We moved in a new apartment in 1986; we used liquefied gas, then we had a boiler house but it later was shut down. The authorities promised to build a gas supply system and laid some plastic pipes and then all the work stopped. It was damp in the apartment with temperatures at 5 to 9 degrees; we used hot water bottles to sleep at night. I always hoped that we’ll have gas supply. I’m happy and I thank everybody for it,” Krasnodon resident Anna Petrusha said.

At the close of the ceremony, Sadovaya Street resident Galina Kovaleva, the settlement’s first gas user, treated the guests to bacon and eggs which she had just cooked on her gas stove.

Earlier, Bogorodko said that Luganskgaz had launched gas supply to 14 LPR settlements since 2014 and that it planned to connect three more settlements to gas distribution networks later this year.

In late December 2017, Luganskgaz specialists began to build the gas supply system at the Chervoniy Prapov village.

In September 2017, Luganskgaz comissioned the gas pipe in the Chernukhino township.

In October 2016, the company completed the construction of the gas pipe at the frontline Vesyolenkoye village and supplied gas to its consumers.

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