28 September 2018, 17:42



Pasechnik allocates RUR 50 mln interest-free loan to LPR farmers

LUGANSK, September 28 (Lugansk Media Centre) - Acting Head of the Lugansk People’s Republic Leonid Pasechnik has provided 50 million rubles worth of interest-free loans to farmers for sowing crops this season. Pasechnik made the statement during his inspection of harvesting operations at an agribusiness outside Lugansk.

In the spring of 2018, the LPR leader allocated a 50-million-ruble loan to the agricultural sector for fuel and lubricants procurements.

“We’ll continue this practice. The allocated money has been returned to the LPR Head’s Reserve Fund, in accordance with the Republic’s legislation. We’ll use it again to fund the new sowing season,” Pasechnik said.

Thanks to the Agriculture minister’s professionalism and farmers’ hard work, we’ve got very good harvest,” he said adding that although the crop harvest volume was somewhat lower than last year’s, grain quality had improved tremendously.

“Food grains have made more than 85 percent of this year’s harvest for the first time in two decades,” Pasechnik said. “I very much hope that our investment which is reflected in the LPR socio-economic development programme till 2023 will begin to pay off as early as 2019.”

 LPR Agriculture and Food Minister Yuriy Pronko who accompanied Pasechnk said that the assistance provided by the LPR leader enabled farmers to purchase mineral fertilisers, chemicals and fuel and lubricants on time.

“The Head of the Republic allocated the second 50-million-ruble loan to acquire assets for autumn sowing, to guarantee the LPR’s food security next year,” the minister said.

He added that the financial assistance provided by the LPR authorities was “absolutely interest free.”

“It has already become a programme. It is an unprecedented case for farmers to receive interest-free loans, believe me, I’ve been working in this sector for a long time,” Pronko said.

He said that the farmers would have to pay back the loans by September 10, 2019.

Earlier, Agriculture Sector trade unions leader Denis Kandyrin said that Pasechnik had been paying attention to farmers’ problems and taking an active part in resolving them. Thanks to Pasechnik, the authorities included a number of proposals brought forward by farmers in the programme of the LPR socio-economic development till 2023, he said.

LuganskMediaCentre — 28 September — Lugansk