10 October 2016, 12:20


Over 17 thousand in Lugansk rally against armed missions in Donbass (PHOTOS)

More than 17 thousand Lugansk residents have taken to the streets today as part of a protest against armed international missions deployment to Donbass.

"Over 17 thousand residents gathered to protest," law enforcement officials said.

The protesters rally against Kiev demands to deploy an armed international mission deployment to Donbass under the pretext of maintaining security in the Republics.

"We have witnessed the atrocities of fratricidal war, economic blockade and political isolation imposed on us by Kiev. We supported Minsk Agreements approved by the UN Security Council," one of the activists, Nikolay Zaporozhtsev, said, "In response to a positive outcome of the primaries they urge to deploy an armed international mission. It will give grounds to provocations. We stand against armed international missions in Donbass, and the thousands who rally today perfectly prove it."

"We do not want armed foreigners from western countries on peaceful streets of our towns," said the leader of a youth organization Molodaya Gvardia of Peace to Lugansk social movement Yuriy Dyachenko.

LuganskMediaCentre — 10 October — Lugansk