12 November 2018, 12:19


OFFICIAL: Pasechnik and Mir Luganschine win Elections

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Pasechnik results
Mir Luganschine results

LUGANSK, November 12 (Lugansk Media Centre) – The LPR Central Election Commission has declared Leonid Pasechnik the winner of Head election.

"Leonid Pasechnik has won the election with 68.3 present of ballots cast."

The runner-up is Oleg Koval (16.55 percent), followed by Natalia Sergun (7.95 percent) and Ludmila Rusnak (5.9 percent).

The social movement Mir Luganschine has won the control over the Parliament with 74.12% of votes; Lugansk Economic Union has secured 25.16 so far.

Leonid Pasechnik has announced that his key objectives are listed in the Development Program-2023 presented to public in May 2018. The top priorities are national security, political, cultural and economic cooperation with Russia, fighting corruption.

Koval said he is to focus on social and economic development, education and science.

Rusnak paid attention to reconstructing industrial power of the region, agriculture and investment.

Sergun said she wanted upgrade of living standards, healthcare, environmental protection.

The two rival social movements vying for Parliament seats have shown consent in the efforts to build a strong, democratic and independent state. Economic development, modernization, revitalization of industries are in focus.

LuganskMediaCentre — 12 November — Lugansk