27 September 2016, 08:00


Observer from Scotland: LPR primaries transparency unquestionable

Preparations for the preliminary public voting (primaries) for the candidates to local authorities in LPR (primaries) are absolutely open and transparent, an observer from Scotland stated.

"I do not doubt the openness and transparency of LPR primaries. Registration results showed that everyone can participate: a self-nominee or a member of any social organization. The same principles apply to the composition of Interim Vote Commission," Andrew Robert Gillies said.

Gillies emphasized that "primaries were not focused on major social movements, but were open for everyone, it shows LPR leaders commitment to the principles of democracy."

LPR Head Igor Plotnitskiy on July, 4th announced the preliminary public voting (primaries) for the candidates to local authorities. Earlier he declared that the Republic would hold local elections if Kiev, even pressured by the West, refused to fulfill the political part of the Minsk agreements, which stipulates holding local elections in Donbass.

The representatives of LPR major civil movements, Mir Luganshchine (Peace to Lugansk) and Lugansk Economic Union, have declared full support to the voting.

The public assemblies were held in 14 LPR towns, each to elect 7 delegates to the General meeting. The General meeting on July, 24th appointed 15 members to the Interim Vote Commission (IVC) that defines voting districts, members of local territorial and district commissions, work out candidate nomination procedure, etc. LPR's justice minister Sergey Kozjakov was elected to head the IVC. The vote steering committee on July, 26th decided to hold the primaries in Lugansk, town of Aleksandrovsk and Yubileyniy settlement on October, 2nd. IVC has registered 234 candidates for primaries.

Foreign journalists and international observers are welcomed in LPR to report the vote, their safety is guaranteed by Head of LPR Igor Plotnitskiy.

LuganskMediaCentre — 27 September — Lugansk