28 January 2019, 20:28


Moscow says Sajdik's plan on EU-UN mission "a travesty"

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LUGANSK, January 28 (Lugansk Media Centre) – Moscow says it considers the new Donbass peace settlement plan by the OSCE special representative in the Contact Group Martin Sajdik "a travesty".

Sajdik has presented the details of his new peace plan to an Austrian newspaper Kleine Zeitung. He said that the new document was introduced during the latest meeting of the OSCE Ministerial Council in Milan in December. The document envisages a joint UN and OSCE mission comprising military and police components and international administration in Donbass. It also suggests an EU-led reconstruction agency should operate in Donbass.

Alexey Chesnakov, political scientist and director of the Center for Current Politics, told Russian TASS News Agency that he "carefully read the propositions of Mr. Sajdik and his comments on them. It is unlikely that someone would understand what is the political and content value of this document, based on the flow of the proposed ideas."

Chesnakov criticized the inconsistency of the Sajdik's interview: first, he says the new plan should be approved by the Normandy Four, while later on he argues that there is no official reaction, but it is not needed.

"Probably, Mr. Sajdik is tired towards the end of his career and wanted to propose at least something, so that not to seem helpless. That's why such a travesty came out."

"Moscow's position on the Minsk Agreements implementation is unchanged. They should be implemented in full. Any talk on the Minsk-2 development and extension looks like a manipulation and an attempt to enable Ukraine to abstain from the Agreements implementation."

He reminded that recently Poroshenko denied any special status for the Donbass.

"Where is the OSCE's evaluation of this statement?" Chesnakov said.

LuganskMediaCentre — 28 January — Lugansk