13 November 2020, 19:36


More than 700 Ukrainian service members leave army to join Karabakh conflict

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LUGANSK, November 13 (Lugansk Media Centre) - More than 700 Ukrainian army members retired to take part in the Armenia and Azerbaijan conflict on the Baku side, said People’s Militia chief of staff Colonel Yan Leschenko.

"Activization of radical movements that deploy mercenaries to the conflict zones caused a dramatic exodus of Muslim service members from the Ukrainian army. In October alone, more than seven hundred service members retired," he said.

Leschenko reminded that a number of political forces and public movements in Ukraine have been standing behind Azerbaijan, either openly or discretely, fueling the armed conflict by all means.

"The representatives of Crimean-Tatar community carried out active ideological and religious work in Ukraine to establish a network of radical Islamic organizations and groups made up of Ukrainians. Such organizations are being established on the territories of national communities in large cities such as Kiev, Odessa, Ternopol, Zaporozhye and Nikolayev," he said.


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