22 September 2016, 18:54


Mir Luganshchine social movement amounts to 77 000 supporters

Mir Luganshchine (Peace to Lugansk) social movement has totaled 77,000 supporters, according to its executive committee.

The committee underscored that the work to involve new supporters would continue in accordance with decisions taken at regional branches conferences.

The executive body of the movement stressed that more than 1,700 supporters were registered in September, while about 17,000 people joined Mir Luganshchine since the beginning of the year.

Marina Filippova, the chair of the movement’s republican executive committee, stated earlier that the number of Mir Luganshchine supporters was rising steadily due to the fact that people share its clear and understandable purposes and goals.

She explained that the main goals of the movement are fighting against fascism and heading towards the Russian World.

"I think there are no people here who support fascism and just few of those who don't want to be a part of the Russian World," Filippova said.

The chair of the movement’s republican executive committee also highlighted the role of Mir Luganshchine nationwide projects in attracting new supporters.
"We managed to reach all the segments of the population with that projects", she stated.

The 1st General Conference of Mir Luganshchine social movement, held on February, 21st 2015 in Lugansk, launched three nationwide projects: The Volunteer project, The Won't Forget, Won't Forgive project and The Candidates Pool project. Later The Care for Veterans project was set up.

The main objective of The Volunteer project is to provide comprehensive aid to LPR people, engage public in volunteer activities. The Won't Forget, Won't Forgive project activists help to memorialize compatriots who died during the war in Donbass. The Candidates Pool project gives an opportunity to students and young specialists to find a job. Activists of The Care for Veterans project help and honor elderly people who fought and worked for prosperity of their motherland.

LuganskMediaCentre — 22 September — Lugansk