5 June 2019, 18:24


Military Court sentences 16 accomplicies in Anaschenko's murder to 11-20 years in prison

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LUGANSK, June 5 (Lugansk Media Centre) – The LPR Military Court has sentenced 16 Ukrainian saboteurs comlicit in the murder of LPR People’s Militia HQ chief Oleg Anaschenko , the Prosecutor General's Office said.

The criminal case was admitted to the Military Court on June 1, 2018 after the investigation was completed.

On June 19, 2018 the court heard the indictment.

On June 3, 2019 the court sentenced the defendants, among them three women, to 11-20.5 years in prison.

"On some occasions murders were perpetrated under the cover of the 'anti-terrorist operation' with the purpose of forcing Donbass population to refuse their right for self-determination and a sovereign state," the statement reads.

"To facilitate terrorist attacks the Ukraine's National Security Council established a center including the interior ministry, defense ministry, national guard, and tasked them to undermine LPR national security by carrying out sabotage acts, kidnapping and murders."

Ukrainian 8th special purpose regiment of the chief directorate of intelligence of the ministry of defense and central apparatus of the security service were to organize the attacks.

The investigation revealed that the Ukraine's intelligence HQ was responsible for recruitment, training and arms supply.

Colonel Anaschenko was killed in a car blast in Lugansk on February 4, 2017.  The case was opened under a criminal code article on terrorism and investigated by LPR State Security Ministry (MGB).

Leonid Pasechnik, who was State Security Minister at the time, said that MGB, together with the Interior Ministry, had uncovered a saboteur network which comprised several commando teams operating in the Republic.

The detained saboteurs assigned to Special Operations Forces 8th regiment confessed to perpetrating acts of terror in LPR, DPR and Russia. Their crimes included the assasinations of Anaschenko and DPR Somali and Sparta battalion commanders Mikhail Tolstykh best known as “Givi” and Arsen Pavlov (call sign “Motorola”).

LuganskMediaCentre — 05 June — Lugansk