29 August 2018, 19:30



MGB: Kiev plots to blow up Stanitsa bridge as people crowd it

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LUGANSK, August 29 (Lugansk Media Centre) – Ukrainian special forces plot to plow up Stanitsa Luganskaya bridge after repair works are completed there and to blame the LPR for it, said the LPR Ministry of State Security.

"According to information available to us, a detonation of the bridge crossed by thousands of people every day is planned upon the completion of repairs."

"Ukraine plans to use intimidators to provoke conflicts at the bridge to create a crowd on the bridge. After that they are going to explode the bridge and blame the LPR for it."

Ukrainian special forces are going to bring journalists to cover the operation.  

LPR Foreign Ministry confirmed earlier on Wednesday that the Contact Group had not adapted any decision on closing the checkpoint. The ministry said the move might be a part of the plan to destabilize the situation and impede the OSCE's Toni Frisch visit to the region.

Currently there is only one official checkpoint at the line of contact in LPR area of responsibility in Donbass and it is accessible via the bridge in the vicinity of Stanitsa Luganskaya. Only pedestrian traffic is allowed across the river along a temporary conduit, as the bridge was blown up by Ukrainian forces in early 2015. LPR has been continuously proposing to rebuild it.

LuganskMediaCentre — 29 August — Lugansk