9 October 2019, 15:40


MGB blows 470 foreign covert operatives in 5 years, uncovers hundreds of arms cashes

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LUGANSK, October 9 (Lugansk Media Centre) – LPR Ministry of State Security (MGB) has thwarted the activities of 470 foreign agents in five years, the ministry said in its report covering the five years of operation.

"The MGB contributes to the process of building our state by curbing the activities of foreign special services agents who aim at physical liquidation of public officials and activists, creating chaos, intimidation and establishing the sense of hopelessness in terms of fighting for rights ".

"In five years of the ministry's functioning, reconnaissance activities of 470 foreign agents, disguised as members of People's Militia, police, public officials and members of judicial authorities, employees of strategic enterprises, have been curbed," the report reads.

The MGB has also uncovered 10 reconnaissance and sabotage squads, 300 cashes with arms and explosives, revealed 150 cases of abuse of authority and exploitation of an official post, shut off 130 channels for smuggling, facilitated the return of 430 mln rub to the Republican budget.

LuganskMediaCentre — 09 October — Lugansk