16 February 2021, 00:46


Massive fire erupts in eastern Lugansk following gas station explosion (PHOTOS)

Photos: social media

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LUGANSK, February 16 (Lugansk Media Centre) – A massive explosion with subsequent fire has hit a gas distribution station in eastern Lugansk on Monday late in evening, the Ministry of Emergencies said.

"At around 11.05 p.m. a blast of unknown origin hit the gas distribution station on 2-ya Belomorskaya street. The fire height is about 20 meters."

Emergency crews are tackling the situation, while engineers are trying to shut off the gas flow.

The fire has been assigned Class 3 grade. The Ministry said there was no immediate threat to population. No casualties have been reported.

Lugansk gas company said that first responders arrived at the site 10 following the alert.

Footages shared on social media showed the blaze visible from the city center and other districts, and emergency services and law enforcement arriving at the scene.

In January, a trunk pipeline near the Glafirovka village, Lutugino district, was blasted. The sabotage left some 13,000 customers and key infrastructure facilities including schools, medical centres and boiler houses without gas. Repairs were completed in the evening of the same day.

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