13 September 2018, 19:22

Luganskgaz launches construction of gas feeding pipeline to Lozovskiy settlement

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LUGANSK, September 13 (Lugansk Media Centre) - Luganskgaz state-owned enterprise specialists have begun the construction of a 1.9-kilometre gas feeding pipeline to the Lozovskiy settlement, Slavyanoserbskiy district.

“The medium pressure gas feeding pipeline is being built by Luganskgaz’ new construction section,” the company said in a report.

The issue of connecting the neighbourhood to the gas distribution system was raised in the pre-war period, but the Ukrainian authorities were unable to carry the project through. In 2017, Lozovskiy residents asked Luganskgaz for help.

“Luganskgaz director Tatyana Bogorodko addressed the problem and included the Lozovskiy gas supply project into the company’s investment programme 2018. The length of the gas feeding pipe is 1.9 kilometres,” the Luganskgaz report said.

The pipeline will feed gas to to 450 houses, the railway station, two food stores, the local primary school, the post office and the outpatient hospital.

This year, Luganskgaz plans to lay gas feeding pipes to the village of Andrianopol, Perevalskiy district, the Uralo-Kavkaz and Severniy settlements, Krasnodon district, the Miusinsk settlement run by the Krasniy Luch administration and the Alamaznaya town run by the Stakhanov administration.

In August 2018, acting Lugansk People’s Republic Head Leonid Pasechnik, Krasnodon district administration Head Sergey Kozenko and Luganskgaz state-owned company director general Tatyana Bogorodko took part in the ceremony to launch gas supply to Krasnodon settlement consumers.

Earlier, Bogorodko said that Luganskgaz had laid gas feeding pipes to 14 LPR settlements since 2014 and that it planned to connect three more settlements to gas distribution networks later this year.

In late December 2017, Luganskgaz specialists began to build the gas supply system at the Chervoniy Prapov village.

In September 2017, Luganskgaz commissioned the gas pipe in the Chernukhino township.

In October 2016, the company completed the construction of the gas pipe in the frontline Vesyolenkoye village and supplied gas to its consumers.

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