9 February 2018, 15:13


Lugansk water supply situation greatly improves in 2017 - mayor

LUGANSK, February 9 (Lugansk Media Centre) - Lugansk pumps 80 percent of water from local sources, city administration head Manolis Pilavov said in a public report on Friday.
“The water supply situation improved considerably in 2017 as Luganskvoda enterprise launched five wells, replaced 6,650 meters of distribution networks and 11,600 meters of water supply pipes as part of a government reconstruction programme,” Pilavov said.
“At present, Lugansk daily gets 126,000 cubic meters of water from its own sources with current demand at 160,000 cubic meters of water per day,” he said.
Bolshaya Vergunka and Krasniy Yar have round-the-clock water supply now. Earlier, water was supplied to those settlements twice a week, the mayor added.
“Completion of repairs to pumping Station No 2 and the construction of a water treatment plant can provide for addition 20,000 to 25,000 cubic meters of water a day and solve the Lugansk water supply problem,” Pilavov said.
Earlier, he said that Lugansk Town Hall planned to launch the water treatment plant at the Karl Liebknecht Street water intake in Kammenobrodskiy district to fully meet the city’s water needs.
Luganskvoda specialists are implementing the government-approved programme on upgrading water supply networks in the LPR capital in 2017-2018. The first phase of the upgrade was fully completed last year as 12 kilometres of rundown pipes were replaced.
Luganskvoda plans to replace another 12.7 km of old or worn down pipes in 2018.

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