3 July 2018, 16:31


Lugansk oracle parrot favours Switzerland, England in Tuesday matches (PHOTOS)

IN PICTURES: Ricci is picking Swiss and then England flags when asked who is going to win today.

LUGANSK, July 3 (Lugansk Media Centre) - Ricci (Ritchi) the Parrot from Lugansk has predicted the victory of Switzerland and England in the Tuesday matches against Sweden and Colombia, the fortune teller’s owner Marina told the Lugansk Media Centre.

“Ritchi, without hesitation, picked the Swiss flag in choosing between the European teams. When drawing between England and Colombia, the bird started to peck at the English flag, then it nibbled the Colombian one, and then it went back to the English flag. I take it the English team will win,” Marina said.

The Lugansk resident said that the parrot had correctly predicted the results of 16 matches and erred in nine games which made 64 percent of the predictions accurate. The bird correctly guesses the outcome of all matches involving the Russian team.

Earlier, the avian fortune teller predicted Russia’s victory against Egypt, Uruguay’s victory over Saudi Arabia, Russia and Portugal, Portugal’s victory over Morocco, Spain’s victory over Iran, France’s victory over Peru, Croatia’s victory over Argentina, Iceland and Denmark, Belgium's victory over Tunisia and England, Peru’s victory over Australia, Argentina's victory over Nigeria and Tunisia’s victory over Panama.

On Tuesday, Switzerland will play Sweden in St Petersburg, and England will play Morocco in Moscow.

Russia is hosting the FIFA World Cup 2018 finals  from June 14 till July 15 for the first time; it is also the first ever such championship in eastern Europe.

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