2 June 2017, 15:34



Lugansk had issues with power supply as Kiev's saboteurs blew up a PTL pylon

LUGANSK, June 2 (Lugansk Media Center) –Ukrainian saboteurs have blown up a power transmission line pylon in the vicinity of Georgievka, disrupting electricity supply to Lugansk and some other LPR towns.

LPR Ministry of State security did not rule out a terrorist attack case.

Deputy Minister of LPR state security Alexander Basov said those behind the attack used two explosive devices, one of them didn't go off because its battery had been deliberately damaged.

Basov told journalists that similar explosive devices have already been seized by the Ministry of State Security (MGB) and its experts are ware of a training center in Ukraine where they teach saboteurs to make such bombs.

"We believe we know why the saboteurs damaged the second device. If it went off, the pylon would fall and the Republic would have had serious problems with electricity."

"The device was deactivated successfully and engineers restored power supply."

LuganskMediaCentre — 02 June — Lugansk