3 August 2017, 14:36


Lugansk companies increase sales 1.7 times year-on-year - Town Hall

Lugansk industrial enterprises’ sales increased by 1.7 times to 12.3 billion rubles in the first half of 2017 compared with the same period last year, Town Hall Economic Department deputy head Valentina Bystrova told a news briefing on Thursday.

“First half industrial goods sales volume was up 1.7 times year-on-year amounting to 12.3 billion rubles,” Bystrova said. 

She said the LPR capital had 134 large and medium industrial companies of which 104 were currently in operation.

“Despite the existing problems related to restoration of companies damaged by shelling, the economic blockade and the search for new suppliers and destinations, Lugansk has been recovering after 2014 events. We’ve cut production lag behind pre-war level by more than three times,” the official said.

Food industry sales over the designated period increased by 2 percent year on year; light industry sales increased twofold, steel companies increased sales by 2.6 times and machine-building enterprises increased sales by 1.2 times.

The output of timber and timber products rose by 1.6 times as did print products output. Rubber and plastic products output increased by 1.4 times, according to Bystrova.

Lugansk enterprises and organisations increased their capital investment by 1.3 times to 147 million rubles in the first half of 2017, she said.


LuganskMediaCentre — 03 August — Lugansk